Features advantages and disadvantages of dynamic website

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The dynamic website uses PHP technology to build web page dynamically. This dynamic website has far more advantages than the static website. The dynamic web site can do engaging the user and impact of organizational business more clear way. Features advantages and disadvantages of dynamic website below,

The feature of dynamic website are –

  • Page management
  • File Collection
  • Guestbook
  • Search opportunity
  • Menus in management
  • Color and font management
  • Photo album

There are different types of dynamic website we can see like-

There are a lot of advantages of this dynamic website such as-

  • In dynamic web sites there is complete control over the content
  • Search Engine Optimization can be improved
  • Option to record user information.
  • Option to monitor user’s navigation over the website.
  • Easy to add, change and control all the content
  • Changes is need less time
  • Less expensive in over time
  • Dynamic website can use for study purpose so conversion rates are higher in here
  • Improvement of loyalty

With the advantages there is some difficulties with dynamic website like-

  • Dynamic website requires changes in a certain period.
  • To require changes senior managers of the company feels hard to swallow
  • Need to find or hire brand journalist or content marketing to add to developers budget for marketing
  • Developers need marketing automation technology which is hard to get.
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