Steps to Remove Malware from Your WordPress Site

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Steps to Remove Malware from Your WordPress Site

Cleaning a hacked WordPress site is no easy task. And now that Google is enforcing a 30-day ban on site reviews to prevent repeat offenders from distributing malware, cleaning up a hacked site thoroughly is more important than ever. Steps to Remove Malware from Your WordPress Site

I highly recommend using a professional to clean the site. Jim Walker, the Hack Repair Guy, is the person I most often refer people to along with Sucuri, which has a great knowledge base of research on website security, vulnerabilities, vectors, and more.

If you are going to attempt to clean the site yourself, here are steps I recommend:

Step 1: Backup the Site Files and Database

Backup the full site if you can using the web host’s site snapshot feature. This will be the most thorough backup of your entire server. However, it might be quite large, so be prepared for the download to take time.

Step 2. Find unwanted script file in your website files.

Go to wp-includes/gentral-template.php find the script file or unwanted files.

step 3: Check header.php file

Check header.php file in wp-content/themes/header.php in <head>…….</head> section.


check footer.php in wp-content/footer.php check the script files.

step 4 : Submit site map to google

Submit site map to google for crawling the website pages in google. it will reflect maximum 10 to 15 days.

Follow above Steps to Remove Malware from Your WordPress Site…

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