Top 10 Most important SEO Tips for URL optimization

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1. Add Target keywords in urls

Search engines read URLs so they can better connect their users with relevant content.


2. Use 301 redirects

Tell google above changes to your URLs so you don’t lose your rankings.

Use 301 redirects

3. Upload a favicon

Build your brand and build trust with your visitors and search engines.

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4. Use canonical URLs

Avoid a duplicate content penalty by telling search engines your preferred domain and preferred web pages.

Use Canonical URLs

Use Canonical URLs

5. Add Mobile urls to sitemap

Identify mobile friendly pages in sitemap so they get ranked higher in mobile search results.

Add Mobile urls to sitemap

Add Mobile urls to sitemap

6. Block bad URLs with robots.txt

Tell search engines to ignore dynamic URLs that point to your canonical url.

7. No capital letters in URLs

URLs are case sensitive, so avoid confusing visitors and search engines.

8. Put top content in the root folder

URL structure can single top content because it’s in your root folder.

9. Always-use-hyphens-in-urls


10. User readable URLs only

If humans can’t read or understand your URLs, either can search engines.

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