Want to Make Your Blog More SEO Friendly?

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Want to make your blog more seo friendly?
What about making your posts attract more traffic? Follow this step by step guide to.

1. EPIC title:

70 characters maximum, 55 optimum. Market the first and last three focus keywords. Aim 6-9 total.

EPIC Title

2. Meta (Search Description)

155 characters maximum, 140 optimum. Include keywords, but ensure it makes sense.

meta description search

3. Images

Rename all images add alt text (what the images shows) and title test (what the post is).

4. Permalink

Make your custom! Avoid using conjunctions, numbers and characters.


5. Keyword

Research top keywords for your topic. Avoid keyword stuffing (making the post sound unnatural).


6. Text

400 – 1200 words per post. Below this search engines will overlook you. PS, Make sure you’re visible to search engines in the first place!

7. Back links

Direct readers to older posts you’ve written that they may like. share others post top!

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